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Petroleum Consultancy Services


The growth and sustainability of Oil & Gas companies depend on leveraging the best knowledge and latest technology to develop successful plans. VAPS consultancy offers an integrated team of professionals with long and wide experience in the E&P upstream business. We have successfully delivered various challenging field development plans, field performance reviews, and specialized studies such as thermal flooding, immiscible and miscible gas injection, and more including complex geology and unique fluids

Field Development Plan:

We provide a comprehensive range of professional geoscience services, including geological modeling, petrophysical evaluation, dynamic modeling, and well/surface modeling, to deliver the optimal development plan for the field. Our process involves post exploration evaluation, feasibility assessment, maturation, geological and dynamic model building, uncertainty assessment, geological risk evaluation, development concept selection, and screening for the most suitable development concept.

Typical Study Content:

  • – Geoscience interpretation and modeling
  • – Reservoir characterization and mapping
  • – Petrophysical evaluation
  • – Field performance reviews
  • – Reservoir simulation and forecasting
  • – Surface Concept Selection and Design
  • – Analogous field comparisons
  • – Material balance analysis
  • – Primary and secondary development assessment
  • – Well and Network modeling
  • – Artificial lift production optimization
  • – Integrated reservoir-surface modeling
  • – Economic analysis
  • – Appraisal and development planning
  • – Oil and gas reserve estimation
  • – Unconventional reservoir studies
  • – Thermal development (Cyclic steam and steam flooding)
  • – Polymer flooding
  • Choose VAPS for comprehensive petroleum consultancy services, leveraging our expertise to deliver successful field development plans and specialized studies for the optimal performance of your oil and gas assets.

Geological and Geophysical Services:

  • VAPS Geoscientists bring extensive experience in working with stratigraphic and complex structural fields, including unconventional reservoirs like fractured basement and tight gas. We integrate geological and geophysical maps with production and engineering data to ensure accurate reserves estimates. Our expertise covers various sedimentary depositional environments, including continental, fluvial, deltaic, marine, and deepwater settings. Well log correlation, integrated petrophysical evaluation, production performance, and seismic data analysis form the foundation of our reservoir studies.

Our services include:

  • – Exploration resource assessments
  • – 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic interpretation and mapping
  • – AVO and seismic attribute analysis
  • – Velocity analysis and modeling for depth conversion
  • – Reservoir characterization
  • – Subsurface structural interpretation and mapping
  • – Fault interpretation and modeling
  • – Sequence and seismic stratigraphic analysis
  • – Basin, field, and regional studies
  • – Geocellular reservoir modeling
  • – Reservoir volumetric estimation
  • – Probabilistic risk assessment
  • Choose VAPS for comprehensive economic analysis and reliable geological and geophysical services. Our expertise and advanced tools ensure accurate assessments and valuable insights for your oil and gas projects.

Petrophysical Analysis

Our petrophysical consulting services provide comprehensive evaluations and analysis for well integrity, reservoir characterization, unconventional reservoirs, and decision management. Our experienced team utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to deliver accurate and valuable insights for your projects.

  • – Well evaluation: We conduct quality control and interpretation of open and cased hole log data, as well as evaluate well integrity logs.
  • – Reservoir characterization and integrated petrophysics: Our integrated evaluations incorporate conventional and special core analysis measurements, electrical properties, capillary pressure, relative permeability, and irreducible saturations. We also perform non-standard evaluations and create Synthetic Seismic Modeling.
  • – Petrophysical evaluation of unconventional reservoirs: We specialize in evaluating petrophysical properties of unconventional reservoir rocks, including tight sandstone, fracture reservoirs, thin beds, and low resistivity pay zones.
  • – Petrophysical model integration and decision management: We build and maintain integrated static and dynamic model-reservoir properties, quantifying and managing uncertainties. We also provide expertise in reserves estimation and reservoir management strategy.

Geomechanical Studies:

Our geomechanical studies focus on building and maintaining geomechanical models and acoustic rock properties. By understanding the mechanical behavior of reservoir rocks, we can optimize well and reservoir performance.

Reservoir Engineering:

Our reservoir engineering services cover a wide range of areas, including reserves determination, reservoir simulation, production analysis, well test analysis, fluid analysis, and economic evaluations. We develop strategic plans to maximize recovered reserves and net revenues, monitor development programs, and recommend cost-saving strategies. Our services include:

  • – Comprehensive field studies and reservoir analysis
  • – Estimation of oil, gas, and condensate reserves
  • – Reservoir modeling and simulation (history matching and forecasting)
  • – Secondary and enhanced recovery studies
  • – Experimental design
  • – Reservoir exploitation and management studies
  • – Gas deliverability and cycling studies
  • – Probabilistic reserves modeling
  • – Pipeline and gathering system studies
  • – Operations and facility analysis

Production Engineering:

Our production engineering team offers practical solutions and integrates various disciplines to enhance well performance and surface facilities network. Our services include:

  • – Opportunity generation through integrated well performance reviews
  • – Evaluation and implementation of artificial lift methods (gas lift, ESP, PCP, etc.)
  • – Modeling, calibration, and maintenance for different well types and complex surface facilities networks
  • – Development of in-house tools for efficient model construction
  • – Detailed surveillance programs for Well, Reservoir, and Field Management (WRFM)
  • – Well design and completion accessories selection based on functional specifications

Economic Analysis:

In addition to our comprehensive technical evaluations, we specialize in conducting rigorous economic analyses. Our reports are built on sound methodology and data, providing a thorough inventory of reserves and cash flow. Using our proprietary economics system and industry-standard software, we estimate future producing rates, net revenue, and present value in line with industry standards and regulations. We independently evaluate pricing, expenses, capital, and the feasibility of future development plans.

Our services include:

Choose VAPS for reliable petrophysical, geomechanical, production engineering, and reservoir engineering services that will optimize your operations and maximize your reservoir potential.

  • – Economic evaluation of oil and gas properties
  • – Full life cycle economic modeling
  • – Development concept evaluation
  • – SEC Proven reserves economics and cut-off
  • – Corporate planning

Special Projects:

We have successfully completed various specialized projects, showcasing our expertise in different areas. Some of our notable projects include:

  • 1. Acquisition Analysis: Analyzing data and evaluating the potential of acquired assets.
  • 2. Well Log Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of well logs to understand reservoir properties.
  • 3. BHI Analysis: Evaluating the performance of Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHI) for drilling operations.
  • 4. FMI Interpretation: Interpretation of Formation Micro-Imager (FMI) logs for detailed reservoir characterization.
  • 5. Outcrops Field Visit: Conducting field visits to study and analyze geological outcrops.
  • 6. Reserve & Resource Evaluation / SEC Reserve Report and Auditing: Assessing reserves and resources and preparing reports in compliance with SEC regulations.
  • 7. Hydrocarbon Fluid Characterization: Analyzing and characterizing the fluid properties of hydrocarbons.
  • 8. SCAL Quality Check and Interpretation: Quality control and interpretation of Special Core Analysis (SCAL) data.

Manpower Supply:

Our team of senior petroleum engineers and geoscientists is equipped to provide a comprehensive range of services in geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering domains. With extensive technical experience, we offer support in onshore and offshore oil and gas producing areas worldwide. Our embedded professionals ensure continuous knowledge transfer, training, and mentoring for young professionals within your organization.

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