Digital Oil Field

Digital Oil Field (DOF)

DOF implementation elevates organizations by harmonizing people, processes, and technology. This platform seamlessly integrates live data streams from wells and associated gathering/processing facilities as continuous input to engineering models. Beyond data streaming from distant wells, DOF includes processing integration and meaningful analysis across diverse physical locations. This powerful service is also referred to as a Smart Field or intelligent oilfield.

Total Integration

The ultimate aim of the digital oilfield is to maximize oilfield recovery, reduce non-productive time, and enhance profitability through the implementation of integrated workflows. By leveraging business process management, advanced information technology, and technical expertise, digital oilfield workflows expedite and often automate operations performed by cross-functional teams. Strategic automation elevates productivity by freeing experts from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on more challenging analytical work.

  • Key recurring themes in the digital oilfield include, but are not limited to:
  • – Operational efficiency
  • – Production optimization
  • – Collaboration
  • – Decision support
  • – Data integration
  • – Workflow automation
  • Key Features of Digital Oil Field
  • – From Wellbore until Dispatch point and even beyond
  • – Partial implementation is also possible.
  • – It can be implemented module-wise and can be scaled up gradually.
  • – It is possible to implement any number of software components
  • – Existing data gathering & control systems can be hooked up seamlessly.

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